What Happened To Us

Remember, remember when we were young and we knew how to dream. Dreams were eyes-shut, momentary and possibilities away. We could do it all. We could be anything we want. What happened to us?



Things We Do Not See Or Hear

There are far too many things we do not see with our eyes nor hear with our ears, that exists nonetheless. There are energies and forces that living within our hearts and among our homes that understand what is truly going on in our lives. Rest assured that somewhere in the depth of our being there is a knowing of all things and their meanings. Perhaps the most important knowledge is that all is well, all is going accordingly.

Love and Light.


Aims of Life

There is a Hindu belief that there are four aims of life. These aims are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Dharma is purpose. Life has a purpose. There is a reason for existence. There is a purpose to your existence. We are all collectively doing our significant roles for the overall benefit of life. You have purpose.

Artha is material prosperity. We all aspire to create monetary wealth. To have assets and material things. Some aspire for fame. It is all right. For we are here to express ourselves in the highest form.

Kama is pleasure. Physical and emotional pleasure. Every human being finds emotional pleasure in family, friendship, beloved and even the occasional acquaintance. We are social beings. Human interaction is the heart of life.

Moksha is liberation. The highest form of being. The highest aspiration of every soul. It is being free from the bondage of the material world. It is being enlightened. It is the moment to moment of experiencing our oneness and immortality.

You can experience these four aims in the lifetime. It all starts with awakening to the truth of our true being.



Law of Manifestation

The law of manifestation states that
which you desire with clarity, passion,
focus and faith you will receive. Your
thoughts, emotions and beliefs must be aligned with your Desire at all times. But beyond that child, you must let go, surrender and believe in the power of the universe. You will be answered, always. Don’t forget to receive and accept the answer.